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Winter's Melody
三女 冬子
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1st-Apr-2011 09:13 pm - fb exercise
Okay... I've been getting fed up with Bank of America. Everytime I open an account or close an account they have to issue me a new card. Well, survice to say, they didn't. I'm always having problems with this. They say they will issue me a new card and will take x days to come, and it never shows. Same thing with getting a new pin. I never seem to have good luck.

Plus whenever I go to BoA, there are LINES! I thought that if I go this time, people won't be there. And I'm wrong. Whether it is early or later in the day. They need to have later hours.

So, today was drizzly. I'd figure I'll go for a walk. I really don't like walking during Springtime- allergies. I'd figure since it's raining, pollen is sticking to the rain particle, and not being carried by the wind.

Anyways, I went for a 20min walk. My fiance wants me to loose some weight. So to make him happy, I went for a walk. I kept a med/fast pace until I felt the burn in my thighs. I wanted to keep that burn going, so I kept that pace. During the walking period I felt my allergies reacting- runny nose, itching throat, watering eyes, ear aches... So, needless to say, I walked back home. I would've loved to walk another 10 minutes, but I don't wanna risk getting sick.

I would really like to join a gym with a friend. I'm one of those people that likes to have an exercising buddy. Sad to say, no one wants to walk with me. If I join a gym then I wouldn't have to worry about exercising outside, I'll be inside with no allergies.

Part 2: Facebook apps being accused of cheating, as well as folks that 'like' those apps. I was being accused a second time, because I like this app called Game Scrubbers. I typed up a little questionare or FAQ so I can just send to folks that accuse me of this. For now it will be here for public viewing. I already copied this and posted this to my FB account as a note, but I don't want to have that be viewed to my friends yet.

Part 2 faqCollapse )
26th-Mar-2008 11:12 pm - Friends Only

Friends Only.
Add a comment to be added. =)
Crappy banner made by me. I tried googling a Zelda FO banner, but couldn't find one. =(
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